The local food specilities are..

  • Cured meats:Salumi calabresi

    Salamis in Calabria represent the dominant and fundamental food for Calabrian Gastronomy. the production of the salamis is really an art that each town interprets with its own variants in respect of a strictly crafted workmanship.

    As the tradition is concerned it is kept in cool and dry environments, hanging from the ceiling, where it is maintained for about twelve months. Alternatively, this salami can be stored in oil or fat in hermetically sealed or vacuum-sealed glass containers. As a local tradition, at a Calabrian dinner it is used as an appetizer along with other salami, in combination with local bread, but sometimes it can also serve as an ingredient to flavor first and second dishes of the meal.


    The ‘nduja is the most famous meat spread of Italy, the most tasty and intriguing thanks to it’s creamy and enveloping consistency. The hot pepper touch doubles the pleasure for those who love strong and fiery flavors.

    The nduja is a typical Calabrian salami that is soft and particularly spicy.
    It is mainly produced in the Spilinga (VV), but imitations of the above product, even of comparable quality, are produced or available throughout the region and because of this, it is widely considered a Calabrian product.


  • Wines:


  • Bread:



  • Dairy products:

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